Bring you know the molding process of silicone rubber products

    Dongguan City, Paradise Rubber Products Co., Ltd. for you to introduce the molding process silicone rubber products:

1, extrusion molding process

Like we squeeze toothpaste, extrusion head is also the cross-sectional shape of the product, there is a certain length, under the force and temperature, the nose out of the product has been vulcanized. This process is generally shaped products bar products, product sections can be varied. For example, rectangular strip, ring silicon tube, and so on.

2, Dijiao technology

Silicone raw materials for the liquid state, the material installed in the syringe inside, with pneumatic plus manual operation of the raw material drops to the mold, heating curing molding. This process is a manual process, requiring more labor. So capacity is not high. It has a characteristic that a product can be dropped on a variety of colors as required. So this process is mostly crafted crafts. Such as, multi-colored silicone bracelet, a variety of color silicone phone case, and so on.

3, solid hot pressing molding process

This process is the use of oil pressure and temperature of the machine, with the help of the mold vulcanized products out. Relatively low cost of this process, high yield, the application is more common. It is mostly used for monochrome silicone products. Can also be applied to two-color dual-hardness products or multi-color multi-hardness, but the product structure is not flexible, limited. It can also be applied to plastic bag and metal package, the same in structure is not flexible, but also the temperature of the package requirements, the general requirements of the package to 180 degrees Celsius deformation.

4, liquid injection molding process

Equipment required for this process are silicone injection machine, pressing machine. Its raw material is thick water, sub-A, B two components. Its principle is: the use of pressure material to the A, B component of the raw material in accordance with the press 1: 1 into the barrel of the injection machine mixing, and then press it through the nozzle into the hot mold cavity molding. This process is relatively low forming temperature, 130 degrees can be. It can be used for plastic overmolding that is less heat resistant than solid state thermoforming. Its high yield, but also easy to automate production. However, the cost of raw materials than solid silica gel several times higher.

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