Looking for medical silicone products factory, Dongguan to find Yongle Rubber

Through the national medical-grade silica gel testing standards of silica gel, which uses high-purity two-component room temperature silica gel as the basic raw materials, platinum or peroxide catalyzed medical silica gel, generally divided into two types of in vivo and in vitro

Body: non-toxic and tasteless, physiological inertia, resistance to biological aging, the reaction to human tissues is small, into the human body tissue will not cause foreign body reaction, the surrounding tissue is not inflammation

In vitro: non-toxic, put the same temperature at room temperature yellow, do not blooming, do not spit white, do not fade white, long water without scale, no smell, temperature -60-270 degrees, resistance to weak acid Different), ozone-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, good tear resistance, wear resistance, high resilience, insulation voltage 35,000 volts or more.

Medical silicone products series: medical silicone tube, platinum silicone tube, peristaltic pump silicone tube; oxygen supercharger silicone tube network, composite silicone tube, braided textured silicone tube; molded silicone O-ring, medical O-ring, Medical silicone parts; liquid silicone breathing mask, anti-haze silicone nasal mask, automatic silicone surface breathing hood. Followed by special processing light rail silicone seal, vacuum silicone seal, shockproof silicone seal, foam insulation silicone tube, shaped foam silicone tube, adhesive foam sealing ring.

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