Learn about silicone material applications

Silicone material is a new type of environmental protection material. It is widely used in many fields. Among high-tech products, silica gel is one of indispensable materials. Its characteristics are thermal conductivity, resistance to electricity and fire resistance. Like everyday electronic devices, silicone is used as a potting material, with the progress of technology, silica gel is slowly becoming familiar, as used in mobile phone cases, clothing trademarks, all kinds of daily necessities, medical human organs, human face masks , Breast enhancement products, silicone with anti-tear, tensile, flexible, can be viscosity, through the deployment of different proportions can achieve different effects, liquid, curable.

Silicone material can be used in the manufacturing of mold making. Through the mold filling technology, the mold can be conveniently and quickly made for the product. It has the advantages of easy disassembly and zero damage to the product. Therefore, the mold opening technology of many products often uses the silica gel As raw materials, such as gypsum building molds, European building molds, food-grade molds, chocolate cake molds, decorative molds, it is precisely because of the characteristics of silica gel, silicone has also become a popular choice of mold industry materials.

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