Platinum silicone tube some simple introduction

Very low precipitates, no DOP plasticizer, no latex, no phthalates, odorless non-toxic, ozone-resistant. Sanitary Silicone Tubing uses a platinum-based vulcanization process that eliminates the extraction problems commonly encountered in other vulcanization processes with minimal extractability that helps maintain the integrity of the liquid transfer; the Platinum Sanitary Silicone Tubing is designed for high-purity applications , A hydrophobic inner surface whose ultra-smooth lumen reduces the chances of adsorbing particles and accumulating microorganisms when delivering sensitive liquids. Through the analysis and comparison of the inner surface of other silicone tubes, the platinum sanitary silicone tube is three times smoother than other hoses. The smooth fluid passage helps the whole system to be cleaned and sterilized, and the hydrophobic surface can improve the fluidity of the liquid.

Let's talk about its features below

Advantages: Platinum vulcanization, precipitation is very low, no DOP plasticizer, no latex, no phthalates, odorless non-toxic, ozone-resistant.

Corrosion resistance: only resistant to weak acid-base concentration of about 10% (sulfuric acid and other strong acid-base low concentration not).

Physical characteristics: colorless and transparent, high compressive strength, soft and flexible, hardness 50, good permeability.

Temperature range: -51 to 230 degrees.

Life: As a peristaltic pump tube squeeze about 24 hours continuous life of about 500 hours, as a liquid transfer tube life of about 8 months.

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