To introduce you to the performance of woven silicone tube and application purposes

When it comes to weaving silicone tube performance, I believe we all know one or two; it is the performance of the real use is little known; first of all we have to know it is another name is enhanced silicone tube. The thickness of this tube is five times the normal thickness of the tube, mainly used to assist the operation of some special industries above; about its production and research and development are very close, you must take control of every detail, from the manufacturing process to produce , It does not produce any flavor and taste, industrial use, we will generally be used as excretion, it is the most popular kind of tube.

What is the use of braided silicone tube?

1, the industrial use: The above also wrote a braided silicone tube for industrial use, indeed the other we were surprised, it is not only made on the production of small silicone tube, but also to design a thick silicone tube, but also sufficient proof This pipe is widely used in industry.

2, the medical use of: In the medical industry, the use of silicone tube this product is too much; such as this braided thickened silicone tube it in the medical industry to achieve large infusion delivery, you can another million tons The solution is transported or transported.

What is the use of braided silicone tube?

1, braided silicone tube Thicker than its thickness, you can fight a variety of hits, you can fight a variety of car pressure will not burst on the tube, the car can fight on thousands of tons of direct pressure in the past; and can immediately rebound back More flexible.

2, strong heat resistance, heat resistance can be nearly 400 ℃ temperature, but also at the same time work at this temperature for 5000-10000 hours; and will not produce any shape, there will be no plastic segment, there will be no blasting imagination ; On the other hand, it can also know that it is a compression-resistant, moisture-proof, and anti-UV features.

3, it is environmentally friendly products, and can be used repeatedly, are non-toxic and tasteless silicone pipe, the environmental performance index can be readily detected, and we can also provide test report certificate, whether it proves that it is an environmentally friendly products.

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